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Maui Disaster Response

The United Church of Christ, through Wider Church Ministries, has issued a special appeal to provide essential items and long-term support to those impacted by wildfires across Hawaii, including the deadly wildfires on the island of Maui


The fires, spurred on by an unseasonably dry summer and strong winds from Hurricane Dora, began Aug. 8. The community of Lahaina, once a whaling center and now a city of about 13,000 on northwestern Maui that attracts two million tourists yearly, was hit the hardest, with more than 2,170 acres having been burned.


Amid the devastation, the church has been active in response. The UCC’s Global H.O.P.E. team leader, the Rev. Josh Baird, has been working with Hawaii Conference Disaster Coordinator Danny Tengan, in consultation with Hawaii Conference Minister the Rev. David Popham and other leaders, to continually assess the situation.


If you'd like to make a donation to help with the disaster response, you can give online through the below link to the UCC Disaster Ministries Hawaii Wildfires response, or you can also give a donation to Peace Memorial and designate it to the Hawaii Wildfire response.

Moore thoughts...

Pastor Kirk's Ponderings - September 2023

It's Good to be Here!

And we’ve long been here, loving God and one another

Where did you head over the Summer? Next time you travel, would you send us a postcard?


Special trips?

Taking up a new hobby?

Working on the garden?

Swimming, biking, camping, and hiking?

Sleeping in on Sundays?

Paying attention to self-care?


Whatever it’s been like, I hope that at least some of it has been rejuvenating and that you’re ready for an exciting Fall at Peace Memorial Church, UCC.


We continue to have vibrant church services. And I know that people are continuing to find a safe space to be accepted, affirmed, and celebrated as we continue to live out the call to be the Church.


No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you’re valued, respected, necessary, and welcome here.


So what shall we do together? Here are just a few of the many opportunities


Every Sunday Church continues from before, after, and on this Sunday.

The choir has already begun Fall rehearsals- Thursdays at 7 pm

Bible Study continues - Thursdays at 1:00 pm

Celebration Sunday - September 10

Special Congregational Meeting September 24

PMC CREW Golf Outing - October 8

CROP Walk - October 8

Oktoberfest - October 13

Trunk or Treat - October 28


Why not invite more and more and more people to experience it, too? Even though, statistically, there are less and less people who are interested in being part of a church community, there still are many who are. So let’s invite as many people as possible.


And then let’s all continue to stay involved with our time, our talent, our financial support, our presence, and all our love as we continue being the church. I’m so thrilled to be your pastor and that we can be in ministry



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