Peace Memorial Church


Worship Sunday @ 9:30 am

10300 W. 131ST STREET 


(708) 448-7833

Enhancing the quality of life through landscaping!


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Maybe sitting around discussing the finer points of theology or the bible isn't quite your thing. Maybe the sound of a John Deere cranking to life and the smell of freshly cut grass is more something that you can relate to. Maybe assessing what could be wrong with the heating plant, or what is making that strange sound coming from the AC unit is what might engage you.











There is a place for you in our Church!


Every Wednesday morning a group of ten or so outstanding gentlemen gather early in the morning to have coffee, donuts and fix whatever needs fixing around the church and its grounds. In the summer time, they are hard at work cutting grass and trimming edges.  (We have acres of it! So come join the fun!)

We have fun and plenty of work to do!