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Children & Youth Ministries

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Youth Group

The youth program at Peace Memorial Church consists of both fun activities and service opportunities always rooted in friendship and faith. Our youth group is a great place where pre-teens and teens gather to socialize and explore their Christian faith and create bonds of friendship. 

Our youth group is for youth in grade 6th though 12th. Youth are also invited to bring friends! We currently have regular youth meetings the first Wednesday of every month from 6:30-8:30 PM in the Youth Center. 

Our programming year follows that of the school year from September to June. In the summer our youth are also involved in camp at Tower Hill, (the UCC church camp in Sawyer, Michigan), service projects, youth mission trips, and wider UCC events. 


Each year, our youth find their most memorable times are when they have an opportunity to
reach out to others and build relationships within the group.

These experiences include:
• Overnight Retreats / Lock-ins
• Service Projects & Events
• Youth Led Worship Services


We believe that confirmation is a significant moment in which young people affirm the faith into which they are baptized. Confirmation isn’t simply about gathering information and increasing knowledge; it is also about standing before other believers and saying, “I too believe.” It’s about taking responsibility for one’s own faith journey and practicing the principles and tenets of Christianity in daily living. In preparation for their confirmation day, these youth have an opportunity to begin the lifelong journey of taking responsibility for their faith development.

The confirmation program at Peace Memorial Church is a two year program for youth in 7th and 8th grade. The program consists of classes with the pastors to offer our confirmands solid Biblical study and investigation into God’s word with activities designed to help them “frame” their own beliefs and faith. There program also consists of field trips and retreats designed to help confirmands think about their own faith life and the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ to which they have been called, outside the walls of the local church.

Mission Trips

The most significant ministry projects for our youth are our mission trips. Youth and leaders work in homeless shelters, food pantries, clothing banks, and other settings to support those in need. We have traveled throughout the United States doing a variety of service activities.


Our youth continually say that the mission projects have changed their lives, opened their eyes and strengthened their faith in Christ and his work in our lives. Mission trips are an incredible bonding experience where many life-long friendships are formed. As a result of their service effects in through the youth program at Peace Memorial Church, many of our youth also volunteer with non-profit organizations while away at college and throughout their lives.