Peace Memorial Church






Worship Sundays @ 9:30 AM

10300 W. 131ST STREET 


Our new “Mission Sunday School” program emphasizes both teaching the Word of God and taking it into the world.  The teaching begins in the sanctuary, with the children’s sermon.  Pastor Jed shares stories about God’s love, Jesus’ healing and transformative work, and Jesus’ teachings about discipleship.  He connects his message with what the kids are doing together in Sunday School and concludes with a ‘sending off’ prayer.


From there, the kids leave for the classroom, where they spend more time with the biblical lesson.  Then they begin work on a shared project that is designed to be a gift, or blessing, to someone in the community.  So far this year the kids have made door greeting plaques for the people of Peace Memorial Residence and toys for the animals at Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter in Homer Glen.  The children personally present the gifts to the recipients upon their completion.  Then, it’s on to the next project!


Our approach is to help the children discover and learn more about God, Jesus, the Bible and our relationships to one another and our community. We instill a sense of service, mission and belonging - not only to Peace Memorial Church and its ministries, but also to the larger community, and world, around us.