Weekly Worship

Weekly services are held on Sunday’s at 9:30 am all year round
in our beautiful state-of-the-art Sanctuary. Our building is located
at 10300 W. 131 st St. in Palos Park, about 1 mile West of La
Grange Road.

What To Expect

Worship at Peace Memorial Church includes congregational
singing, communal and pastoral prayers, special music, the
weekly scripture reading and message, and opportunities to learn
and grow closer to God. We have a fairly traditional style of
worship and sing traditional hymns, but frequently include some of
what has become known as contemporary songs.


Parking is to the North of the main building. We do have a few
handicap accessible spaces available to the East of the building
near the grassy field. If you enter through the doors by the Blue
Awning on the North side of the building, you will walk through our
gym (Zion Hall) until you reach the doors leading into the Narthex.
You may also enter through the doors located under the covered
sidewalk by the circle drive near the accessible parking.


First Time visiting? Stop by our Welcome Desk in the Narthex,
take a welcome bag and sign our guest book so a Pastor can
reach out to you. The greeters, ushers, and welcome desk
volunteers can help answer questions you may have.
Stick around after worship for a time of fellowship, coffee, and
donuts/coffee cake in Zion Hall. You may also stop by the Peace
Café in our Narthex and buy a Latte, Chiller, or other drink.

Worshiping at Peace

Worship is being together, singing together, listening together, praying together. 

When we are together we reconstitute the body of Christ. 

As we reconstitute the body of Christ we are living witnesses to the resurrection! We are Christ’s living presence in the world!


Worship is immersing ourselves in the biblical story of hope. It is a story of creation emerging from chaos, of liberation from slavery, of reunification after being scattered in exile. It is a story of light being seen in darkness, of a branch of hope emerging from a stump, of praying “thy will be done on earth,” and where an empty tomb bears witness to a faith that God’s Easter of new life is stronger than the world’s Friday strategy of death. Worship is being fed the bread of life and drinking the wine of the spirit.


Worship is where deaf ears are unstopped, where blind eyes see, and where those who have become comfortable in apathetic immobility rise and walk for justice, march for peace, and run with the good news of peace!

It is allowing ourselves to be filled with the Spirit so that we offerourselves to God’s vision of wholeness and healing, reconciliation and peace!

Worship is about us quieting the din of bad news and allowing ourselves to hear good news of God’s presence in us and among us!

Special Worship Services

Celebration Sunday

All Saints Remembrance

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services

Ash Wednesday

Holy Week Services (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, GoodFriday, and Easter)


Youth and Children Sunday’s